About John Sudhakar

At age 14, John Sudhakar encountered photography, an art that became a lifelong passion and hobby.

A career in design & fashion and a liking for the art of the great western masters of painting fostered a unique fashion and aesthetic sense in him. Collaborations with leading designers and fashion buyers around the globe, from Europe and America to the Far-East have validated this aesthetic sense.

Today John Sudhakar brings this vast and varied experience with him, to every photoshoot. Backed by a formidable studio and image processing facility in Chennai, he is well equipped for almost any kind of photography.

Over the years, he has represented some remarkable brands photographically, spanning the hotels & resorts, interiors & architecture, food & beverage, industrial, product, advertising, and fashion photography spaces.

In addition to his photographic and design achievements, John Sudhakar has taught photography with a passion, over the last six years. He has addressed students at the Fortune Institute of Photographic Studies, The Advertising Club of Chennai, and given guest lectures at various large IT companies.

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